The Story of Lifetime Dental

Written by Dr. Mary Azadeh Afzali May 22 • 2 minute read

Message from Dr. M. Azadeh Afzali

It has been a month since I have been the owner of Lifetime Dental of Downtown LA (previously the office of Dr. Jeffrey Oyama). I would like to start by thanking all of you who have expressed interest in continuing your dental care at the office and with the staff you have been working with for some time. 

Lifetime Dental is very much a family business. Myself, my husband, my daughter and her husband and my son work together to create our business with a passion and care similar to building a family. This family is composed of our valuable patients and competent team. And in my twenty-nine years of providing care for patients, I have enjoyed building this family.

With that, I would like to share with you "The Story of Lifetime Dental”: 

My husband and I have been business partners for twenty-six years, working together to build our family of patients and our dental team. We built our dream dental practice in Chicago. However, due to the cold winters in Chicago and our children moving to California for school, in 2014 we decided to move to California and bought our first dental office, which is now Lifetime Dental of Lake Forest in Orange County. 

Making this move took us a long time as we ran our business with an emphasis on quality of care, building friendship and expanding our family, and we stayed away from anything which would go against that. We are steadfastly against sacrificing quality, individual patient care for profit-based dentistry, which is an unfortunate model that, sadly, is rapidly growing in California. What I observed in Southern California in the growth of corporate dentistry was a real concern for us, and we knew that to build a practice in California, based on our values, would be a difficult task. 

We made our decision based on our faith and trust in our beliefs, and being passionate about what we do. My husband and I started our first practice with the purpose of setting a good example and letting everyone know what our beliefs are, and sticking to the principles of which we are proud. We were thrilled by the positive feedback and support of our patients and our team and we experienced success very early on. 

In 2015 we purchased our two practices in the Inland Empire and, a month ago, we purchased Dr. Jeffrey Oyama’s office, now called Lifetime Dental of Downtown LA. This is a perfect balance as geographically we can attend to North, East, and South. 

My husband and I owe our success to the support of our patients, our competent team and our loving children.

My commitment to you remains the same as it has been for my patients over the past twenty-nine years -- providing excellent professional care with integrity and honesty. I hope you decide to join our amazing family of patients and support us in our goal of presenting the gentle side of dentistry with passion and integrity to you, your family and friends.


Dr. Mary Azadeh Afzali 
Founder and Clinical Director 
Lifetime Dental
P: (213)-625-7141

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